HBO Vice News // music placement

My piece “Reflection” is featured in tonight’s episode of Vice News, “Waiting To Die / Women In War”. This episode follows the complications of being on death row in the US, and also travels to Yemen to see how women have been displaced by war.

Ooh La La // Song Premiere: Gorilla vs. Bear

"Ooh La La" premieres with Gorilla vs. Bear:

LA composer/producer/songwriter Lauren Hillman aka Kotomi drops a late summer jam of 2017 contender with this balmy electronic pop banger, which elicits all the magical nervous energy and anticipation of a steamy late night dancefloor encounter in some exotic tropical locale, as it smolders and pulses with shades of the best of Chairlift, Major Lazer, and early Madonna. The glittering “Ooh La La” will appear on Kotomi’s forthcoming new record, currently scheduled to drop sometime in early 2018. Listen and pay what you’d like for the track here.

Swimming // Song Premiere w/ Gorilla vs. Bear

Credits: Music, lyrics, performance, mixing
Drums: Jo Pusateri
Guitar: Justin Burrow

"Swimming" premieres on Gorilla vs. Bear:

Here’s a balmy summer night jam from LA electronic pop composer Lauren Hillman, aka Kotomi. “Swimming” has a warm, intoxicating vibe, thanks in part to Hillman’s soothing vocals and the welcome appearance of some gloriously woozy lap steel, and is the latest in a series of singles that Kotomi is releasing for free download on the first Tuesday of each month.


The Last Time // Song Release

Credits: Music, lyrics, performance, mixing
Drums: Jo Pusateri
Guitar: Justin Burrow
Art: We Are Yawn

"The Last Time" premieres on Gorilla vs. Bear

Our introduction to LA’s Kotomi came via one of the best songs of last year, in the form of her dreamy/dizzying collab with Ryan Hemsworth + Doss, from Hemsworth’s 2014 LP Alone for the First Time. She returns today with a shimmering, soaring emotional pop anthem, which feels very hopeful and life-affirming despite being born of her recent experiences with loss and letting go. Kotomi tells us that “The Last Time” is the first in a series of singles she’ll be releasing in 2015, with a new song coming on the first Tuesday of every month this year: “They’ll be eclectic, and there will be lots of them

Over Our Heads // EP Release

Credits: Music, songwriting, producer, vocals
Mixing: Sean Beste (tracks 1-4), Will Hampton (5-6)
Mastering: Doug Van Sloun
Artwork: Tommy Kenney