Alone For The First Time

Ryan Hemsworth's sophomore album, "Alone For The First Time" is out today via Last Gang Records! Check it out here.

It's a really beautiful album, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. DIY magazine had some really kind words to say about it :)

Our collab "Surrounded" is kind of an intense song. Ryan sent me an instrumental that was driving, reflective, dark, (and totally different than what you hear on the record!). I was processing a tough break up, realizing how quiet it was in my apartment at night. Being alone. It's weird at first, and then kind of empowering and exciting.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of Ryan's work, and it's been an honor to work with him :)


Over Our Heads // EP Release

These songs were so much fun to make! They helped me get through a tough time, and I'm really proud to be sharing them with you today!

With You // Germany Germany

"With You" - Lyrics

I could feel it kick in when I saw you I knew
We exchanged our stories in a crowded room
And then all at once I felt safe with you

And as you pulled me closer I was tryin to keep cool
Runnin’ faster than we should but what’s a girl gonna do
I’m not crazy but I’m not sane with you

What do I do?
I’m in love with you
And I feel like a fool cause you’re gone
Our hearts beat in sync and it’s all I want

What do I say?
I can’t live this way
Cuz I keep thinkin this could be right
Especially when I’m alone at night

And if you listen to Slayer I’ll learn to love you for it
Euphoric, don’t need thunder, the lightening will stick
And I’ll stay and we’ll never be the same

You’re holding me down like oceans you’re so ferocious
It seems more than natural more than just a physical thing
It’s okay cause man, I feel safe with you



Mercedes Benz Feature

Mercedes puts together a mix tape every 8 weeks, and featured my song "Almost Perfect" on it this time around! Check it out here! They said nice stuff:

"No need for false modesty here: Lauren Hilman’s alternative pop moves way beyond the "Almost Perfect" stage with this gripping slice of soulful songwriting. Otherwise known as Kotomi, the singer, songwriter, sound designer and producer sticks close to the mic and lets every breath or brush over the frets slip into her airy, yet intense delivery. The result is a poppy delight infused with a touch of Austra’s or – going back in time – Kate Bush’s vocal acrobatics, yet imbued with a confident female energy that is very much in the now. As this is one of her quieter offerings, don’t forget to check out Kotomi’s upcoming debut (primed for a spring/summer release) for some nicely gritty rhythmic tracks."

SXSW 2013

SXSW was a blast! I had the pleasure of traveling with Opus Orange to Austin to play three shows, the highlight being Tequila Mockingbird's Back Alley Bash. We went big, played hard, drank lots, slept a little, and definitely disturbed our next door neighbors with loud late night jacuzzi shenannigans.

IADT Ad Campaign

Check out this new spot fot The Institue of Design and Technology - I did the music!

Some Like It Hot // Cover

My favorite blog SYFFAL (Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen), asked me to cover a song from one of my favorite films or tv shows, for their feature "Pop Cultures Collide". Naturally, Chevy Chase came to mind, and I knew it had to be Power Station's "Some Like it Hot", from National Lampoons European Vacation. That movie has the best soundtrack. Plus, I've only seen like 15 movies ever, so my options were limited. I hope my cover gives you the urge to feel the heat and multiply!  Free Download. Read the article here!

Hatfields & McCoys Singin'!

I had the pleasure of singing on the film score for Hatfields & McCoys, written by Tony Morales and John Debney. This History Channel mini-series had record-breaking viewership... I mean, who doesn't love Kevin Costner gettin all rough and tumble-y? The soundtrack was written and produced in three months, and it's beautiful. Check it out on iTunes



Long Beach I Love You

I lived on Broadway in Long Beach for 4 years, in a magical apartment.

What felt like a loss was only the beginning. A process of understanding, recovery, a fresh start. Running along the ocean, drinking coffee at the window, dancing in my room, yoga with Jen, talks with Daniele, my family, writing songs. The sound of the not so distant ocean. Taking a walk through the streets with my new love, the place where he grew up. Everything shifts. Sometimes it's hard to keep up.

All the Umbrellas // Cover

Cover of a Magnetic Fields song, recorded with my most favoritest guitar wizard, Justin Burrow. Free DL on the ol' Sound Clizoud.

A word from Cover Me: "It’s Long Beach’s Kotomi delivering an ethereal version of Magnetic Fields track “All the Umbrellas in London. Kotomi tells Cover Me that she “wanted to record a version that sonically matched the heartbreaking loneliness of the lyrics.” With the help of guitarist/lap steel player Justin Burrow, she settled into her converted closet-studio and accomplished just that. Contrary to the emotional distance between Merritt’s lyrics and his sound, this cover makes you feel every word."

UNICEF Tap Projet

Here is a PSA I sang on for the UNICEF Tap Project - which is working to help the 768 million people around the world without access to clean water.

Arrangement by Ryan Elder of Emoto Music.