With You // Germany Germany

"With You" - Lyrics

I could feel it kick in when I saw you I knew
We exchanged our stories in a crowded room
And then all at once I felt safe with you

And as you pulled me closer I was tryin to keep cool
Runnin’ faster than we should but what’s a girl gonna do
I’m not crazy but I’m not sane with you

What do I do?
I’m in love with you
And I feel like a fool cause you’re gone
Our hearts beat in sync and it’s all I want

What do I say?
I can’t live this way
Cuz I keep thinkin this could be right
Especially when I’m alone at night

And if you listen to Slayer I’ll learn to love you for it
Euphoric, don’t need thunder, the lightening will stick
And I’ll stay and we’ll never be the same

You’re holding me down like oceans you’re so ferocious
It seems more than natural more than just a physical thing
It’s okay cause man, I feel safe with you