Mercedes Benz Features "Almost Perfect" // Song License

Mercedes puts together a mix tape every 8 weeks, and is featuring "Almost Perfect" on the tracklist, and wrote a lovely writeup:

"No need for false modesty here: Lauren Hilman’s alternative pop moves way beyond the "Almost Perfect" stage with this gripping slice of soulful songwriting. Otherwise known as Kotomi, the singer, songwriter, sound designer and producer sticks close to the mic and lets every breath or brush over the frets slip into her airy, yet intense delivery. The result is a poppy delight infused with a touch of Austra’s or – going back in time – Kate Bush’s vocal acrobatics, yet imbued with a confident female energy that is very much in the now. As this is one of her quieter offerings, don’t forget to check out Kotomi’s upcoming debut (primed for a spring/summer release) for some nicely gritty rhythmic tracks."